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An easy and quick way to program a SD Card binary image file is using Etcher which is multiplatform. Select the right version depending on your OS, the inrface looks like that:

Etcher base.png

The image files you can program are either generated using [Yocto Yocto] or using the latest image files generated by Wifx under our image archives repository for SD images


Select the file

To program the SD Card, you can start by choosing the right file which to be a image file (*.img) or compressed image file (*.img.bz2). Etcher will automatically detect the type of file based on the extension.

Select the drive

The drive is normally automatically selected once a SD Card is inserted. Please verify that the automatically detected device is the right one since the programming process will erase completely the drive.

Flash the image on the drive

Once the file and the drive select, you can launch the programming click Flash! button:

Etcher flash start.png

The process will be made in two steps, writing then verification:

Etcher flash validating.png

The SD Card is now ready to use.