LoRa technology


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What is LoRa?

LoRa is a long-range network technology that allows low-speed communication of connected objects. Like 3G/4G, the LoRa protocol allows the transmission both outdoors and indoors over longer distances. The great advantage of LoRa, compared to a cellular network is the autonomy of the receivers as well as the cost of use. The LoRa network is designed to reduce consumption as much as possible of energy. A connected object can thus achieve an autonomy of several years with a simple battery (water, electricity meters, etc.). Others advantages, the range of a gateway (~10km in rural areas and 1km in town), as well as the low cost of commissioning.

Connected objects

The term connected object covers objects with sensors that generate small amounts of data. Temperature, humidity, lighting, level sound, GPS position etc. As real-time transmission is not necessary, the information is transmitted at a selected interval.

The gateways

For the deployment of the LoRa network, gateways such as LORIX One are required. They allow communication between the connected objects and the cloud.