The Things Conference 2019 in Amsterdam

We have just returned from The Things Conference where we had a booth and had the pleasure of meeting some of you, customers but also partners and IoT enthusiasts, to whom we were able to introduce our LORIX One product.

This year was the second edition of this fantastic event, focused on LoRa/LoRaWAN technology and organized by The Things Network, a community centered around an open source and decentralized LoRaWAN network initially created by The Things Industries.

Before I say more, let me describe the place where it happened. We came on January 30 to set up our stand and arrived in an industrial area. At first disconcerting, we then discovered a very warm place, by the water in an industrial shed converted for the occasion, the frame was set!

Once inside, it was possible to attend various conferences, but almost always focused on the same subject, the LoRa technology and its LoRaWAN protocol.

The main players were present such as Semtech, Microchip and Microsoft but also ST, SODAQ and many other members of the LoRa Alliance.

We had a lot of pleasure meeting you during these two days during which we were able to introduce the LORIX One to new partners and customers but also to get a really positive feedback on the product.

We also took the opportunity to offer 4 LORIX One to a few lucky people in collaboration with The Things Network and to announce some details about our roadmap this year and especially a lot of work on the software side to bring even more security and features, all focused on ease of configuration and use.

Special thanks to The Things Network, Wienke Giezeman for the organization and warm welcome.
To SODAQ, partners and stand neighbours as well as to Orne Brocaar and his LoRaServer which now supports our LORIX One.

But also to some of the partners we have met, such as LORIOT, Infoteam Energy and myDevices.

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