Programming your LORIX One is now even easier

6 June 2019

When it comes to device programming, you often get a hard time to make everything works. You never know if you’ve messed up with those addresses or if you missed a step.

At Wifx, we think that this step should be as fun as the others. That’s why we have worked hard the last weeks to offer you this brand new LORIX Programming Tool.

With the Programming Tool, you can setup a new firmware image on your LORIX using an official image with just a single click through a simple and comprehensive user interface. During programming, you get a feedback of the overall progression and see if everything worked fine at the end.

For developers and integrators, the new image format (*.wimg) is automatically generated by the Yocto build process and allows you to deliver your custom firmware to the gateways in a quick and comprehensive way.

The Programming Tool includes:

  • Load and check the firmware archive
  • Show details about the archive to write
  • Auto-detect and list LORIX One devices in programming mode
  • Select the devices you want to program
  • See programming progression on each device
  • Browse and export the complete programming log
  • Auto-programming of detected devices for large batches
  • Auto-update of the Programming Tool

The LORIX Programming Tool is available from today in English on Windows and Linux systems. To start now, or if you’re curious to learn more, please take a look at the official online documentation.

We would be glad to hear some feedback from you about this tool and what we can improve in the future to make your experience with the LORIX One better every day!

The Wifx team.